Friday, July 4, 2008

The truth behind good exercise selection

You know its funny, everytime I go to the gym I come to a new conclusion about programming for fat loss. This morning I happened to come to my realization by watching two relative beginners attempt a strength training workout.

The two beginners in question happened to be young women in their early twenties. I noticed them out of the corner of my eye when I saw the more experienced of the two begin the workout by performing a specific warm-up that those in the know do. My first thought was hmmmm maybe this girl knows a thing or two. Unfortunately that was proven wrong when she followed the warm-up by laying on the ground only to perform an hours worth of abdominal crunches.

I cant blame the girl for doing what she was doing in the gym, the fact is that most people have no idea what to do to get a lean sexy body. Most of the dvd's and magazines tell woman that to have a flat stomach they must do endless crunches. The funny thing is that for all the crunches that people do, I have yet to see a flat stomach as a result.

The truth about exercise selection for fat loss is this; choose the movements that give you the most bang for your back. Meaning, if I have 45 minutes burn as many calories and put on lean muscle tissue in the gym. My focus should be on big movements like; squats, lunges and presses.

If you want to get lean quickly, forget the ab curls and start focusing on the big movements.

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