Monday, August 13, 2007

Some interesting reads

I recently picked up " The Edge Effect " by Eric Braveman , Braverman's work is on brain chemistry and how it manifests itself through personality disorders. Strength Coach Charles Poliquin has used Bravermans work to classify his athletes in terms of neurotransmitter dominance. Charles asserts that there are 5 types of athletes;

Dopamine dominant "Fire type " your typical alpha male, very fiery can withstand a great deal of intensity in their training and are very gifted in terms of strength training. Examples would be Olmpic lifters.

Acythelcholine dominant " Metal type" athletes who are very analytical and think rather than do.

Gaba dominant athletes " Wood types" the want to be alpha males who are apt to abuse stimulants.

Seritonine dominant athletes " Water types" always happy people.

Balanced neurotransmitter types " Earth types" they are gifted for hypertrophy and need an equal balance of load and intensity.

Which type are you?